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Our Philosophy



Growing up my grandmother would bake and cook us food until we waddled back home.  She cooks us this food because it is her way of showing the people she cares about, how much she loves them!  Therefore, we choose to make dogs feel that same love and special attention through our incredibly delicious, unique and original dog treat recipes.   

At All Bark Boutique, we believe in making dogs happy!  For instance, you know that giant furry grin your dog gives you after an enjoyable hike or car ride on a warm spring day with the windows down?  We want to recreate that moment as often as possible, how do we do that?  By designing and creating original and flavorful dog treats that make every dog say "wow! this is something special!"  We are an all natural dog treat company that uses everyday inspiration to create recipes that bring excitement and unique flavors to treat time!  All treats are made one batch at a time and made to order.   

Why do we vacuum seal our treats?  Although it may not be considered the "mainstream" approach to product packaging, we believe in keeping our treats fresh without preservatives because that is how our dogs stay healthy.  We believe by eliminating the added unnatural ingredients, we can make flavors pop, and use the best quality ingredients, possible.  

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