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Meet the All Bark Ambassadors


 Charlie and Sprout: The Sunshine Dogs

"A few years ago we stumbled across a picture of a chubby, wild and crazy lab/hound mutt that needed a home, soon to be named Charlie. This sweet boy had a hound dog howl and the most kind eyes. From the moment we saw him, we knew he was coming home with us to his furever family. Three years later a friend shared a picture of our sweet little Sprout from Southwest Pennsylvania Retriever Rescue Organization. Once again, we knew he was coming to live with us! We already had Charlie the Sunshine Dog and now we have his little Sprout. Charlie and Sprout bring bring me pure joy with their sweet puppy dog eyes and their happy faces, they are truly my rays of sunshine every day."


 Oakley: Total Oakley

"Almost 6 years ago - Oakley burst onto the scene like a firecracker and life has never been the same since! His smile is contagious and his personality makes everyone fall in love with him. Every day, Oakley provides emotional support to his momma who suffers with severe chronic pain. He is always by her side to give constant snuggles and make her feel happy, comfy and hopeful. Oakley enjoys going on adventures with his family and is always eager to meet new friends. If you give him a treat and a scratch on the tummy - he will truly be your friend forever!"


 Annie Bree: Annie Bree of Atlanta

"Hey everybody! I'm Annie Bree, a fun loving, social butterfly of a Pomeranian from the ATL. When I'm not out making new friends and exploring the city, I'm training as a service dog for hearing impairment. I enjoy playing with my kitty sisters, dressing up and showering my moms with kisses. I'm soon starting training as a therapy dog at the children's hospital where my mom works and can't wait to spread my love there as well. As for treats, I go for the 'see treat diet', I see the treat and I eat it."