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About Us!



Join our treat revolution! 

Starting a small business takes an incredible amount of work, dedication and passion.  My inspiration comes from the love I have for my two dogs and have gotten me through incredibly challenging times.  I am a Lupus warrior and Army wife who struggled with finding a career path that was suitable with my new health restrictions and I was passionate about.  My career choices were limited because my days are unpredictable.  I finally decided to take the plunge and take control of my own career.  I educated myself with the feed laws of each state we ship to, the designed every recipe we offer and planned the business and design for six months prior to launching.    

Our two large and fluffy creatures are named, Daphne and Sojourn.  Each one has its' own individual story which has led to the inspiration behind All Bark Boutique to create preservative-free, wholesome and fresh dog treats right to your doorstep! 

Daphne is a Sharpei/Boxer mix and was rescued at 8 weeks old from the El Paso Humane Society in El Paso, Texas.  She was scheduled to be put down two days later in order to make room for incoming dogs.  I saw her through the glass window with her sister and mama and immediately fell in love.  She tackled her sister and then ran to the window, placed her paw on the glass and that sealed the deal.  Daphne is still as sassy and charismatic as the day we adopted her!      

          One year later we knew we wanted to rescue a second dog.  We heard a friend had an 11 month old, Alaskan Malamute/German Shepherd mix, that was being passed from home to home.  We took daphne to see him and Sojourn immediately followed her around and protected her from the other dogs living there.  He was the escape artist a few times before finally settling down with us.  Now he loves his bed, his family and his food bowl and would not leave it for the world.  

Unfortunately, Sojourn was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in 2015.  He developed mature cataracts in a matter of a year which made getting around extremely difficult.  Thankfully he is now stable on his insulin and we recently chose to have him undergo cataract surgery.  He can see!  He is now 7 years old, 90 pounds and our gentle giant.  

         We see dogs as members of our family and we want to give them love and bring them joy through our gourmet treats that do not have preservatives or artifical ingredients.  We hope you enjoy the products we sell and homemade treats as much as we do!  If there is something you do not see that you would like to have available, please let us know by emailing us at allbarkboutique@gmail.com.

- Emily