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The Blueberry Crisper Puppy Parfait

using Sojo's Blueberry Citrus Crispers
     It seemed necessary to make sure we used some photos of Sojo eating his Puppy Parfait -- our crispers are named after him!  When I designed the recipe for our Blueberry Crisper, I knew I wanted a crispy and fun dog treat.  Sojo loves when his snacks are crunchy because let's be honest... crunchy=FUN!  We hope you love the Puppy Parfait as much as our dogs did, don't forget to leave us a note if you tried it :) 
2 Sojo's Blueberry Citrus Crispers
1 TBSP uncooked oats
1/2 cup of non-fat unflavored yogurt
My dogs go nuts for yogurt so I had to wrestle them off just to take these photos, (kidding)!  But seriously, I decided to use a cute teacup because parfaits say "classy" and teacups are for fancy people (so not us) :P  
     I love parfaits because of the varying layers of texture you can create.  Yogurt is fantastic for dogs because of the natural probiotics that aid in better digestion and PH balance within the digestive system.  Make sure you don't have the artificial sweetener Xylitol in your yogurt, because it is highly toxic to dogs.  As humans, we are surrounded by added sugar in everything we eat, but dogs noses are so precise and stomachs sensitive that all of those artificial flavors and added fats are not only bad for your dog's digestive track, but they're completely unnecessary to creating a delicious snack.
     Oats are great for putting more fiber in their diets, if your dog has trouble with high fiber diets because of a sensitive tummy, try cooking them so they are softer and the tough exterior is slightly broken down.  If your dog love fresh fruit like blueberries or blackberries, feel free to add those on top!   
     Our Sojo's Blueberry Citrus Crispers use dried blueberries, rice flour and homemade oat flour which is gentle on the stomach and is wheat free for those pups with wheat intolerances.  I try to create recipes that can suit varying dietary restrictions because not all dogs are the same!  
     Once you combine all of the ingredients, you have an irresistible snack to spoil your dog, or get more nutrients, probiotics using handmade Blueberry Crispers.  Bon aPAWtit! 


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