The Tasty Pumpkin and Peanut Butter Tower

all natural pumpkin dog treats
Feeding our dogs the best food possible is just as important as feeding our own bodies the best.  The sad reality is they don't have 50 years to change their eating habits and are happy to gobble down anything we give them!  
I originally named this all natural dog treat "Daphne's Heavenly Pumpkin Bites" because my baby girl, Daphne, loved the chewiness when I was going through the recipe creation process and taste-testing feedback.  I love using human-grade ingredients that dogs love and just combining them with different flavors, smashing them, mixing and layering them.  I hope you love this delicious twist!
3 Daphne's Heavenly Pumpkin Bites
1 TBSP of Honey
1 TBSP of Oats
1/4 cup of Peanut Butter (make sure there's no xylitol)
This snack is so easy it's ridiculous! Start by taking two of the three Heavenly Pumpkin Bites on your plate.
heavenly pumpkin dog treats
Next, smear a hearty layer of peanut butter on top of each of these treats.  
Stack one on top of the other, and stack the last treat without peanut butter on the very top to create an adorable little tower.  
Take the all natural honey and drizzle it on top, don't be afraid to get messy on the plate dogs LOVE having more to snack on!  Sprinkle the oats on top in whatever pattern your creative side likes.
NOW THE BEST PART!  Let your dog dig in!  Daphne has become quite the seasoned model.  She will take a lick and then look at the camera while I get a few shots.  I know... total diva!  
Let us know how your dog likes it in the comments section and if you made any changes to it, we love feedback!


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