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The Hearty Potato and Veggie Platter

Welcome to the first "platter blog" post on our page!  I always love to change things up and make our dogs as happy as possible, some may say they're spoiled and to that I say... "I just love them so much!"  

They really are our best friends and have gotten me through every difficult deployment and flare up that Lupus has thrown my way.  Although I love our dog treats and believe they truly are better tasting because of the fresh ingredients I create them with, I wanted to start putting together small platters that they can have as a fun birthday dinner, holiday plate that's dog friendly or just for fun because they've been so good that day!  

I always hate when bloggers don't list the ingredients at the beginning...Let's get started!  


Here is your list of necessary ingredients:

1 small potato per dog (unless you have a 120 lb bundle of love, then maybe 2)

1/4 of frozen green peas

1-2 The Italian Carrot treats by All Bark Boutique

1 TBSP Extra Virgin Olive Oil



Take the green peas that are probably still frozen, place in a small bowl and fill with tap water to let them defrost as much as possible during the next task.  

I had small 2" potatoes on hand to make beef stew for myself, you could use a regular russett potato and just chop it into cubes if that is what is available.  

Start off by peeling their skins, then drizzle them with extra virgin olive oil, cover with saran wrap and micro wave for about 2 minutes or until a fork is able to go through it easily.      

After carefully peeling away the saran wrap (be aware of any escaping steam) take a fork and press the potato down so it transforms into an adorable little puppy patty!


By squishing the potato, you allow it to cool quicker and will make your dog chew and break it a part a bit more than if it were whole.  Sojourn eats everything in a gulp!  

Next, take the green peas that should be defrosting in your water, drain and pop in the microwave for 20-30 seconds.  Some people prefer to feed food raw, which is totally fine!  If your dog has a sensitive stomach when it comes to breaking down food, then steaming in the bowl might be a better option.  

Take the smashed potato, break the carrot treat or treats and stick them into the potato so they end up standing on their own, drizzle the green peas over and around and WA LA!  You have yourself a cute little puppy platter that is dog-friendly and made with The Italian Carrot treats they already love that are baked fresh from our kitchen and shipped to your doorstep!  



Now we had to do a taste test! 


Yes, I'd say it went over very well!  How did your dog like it?  Share any ideas you may have added to this recipe other dog owners may want to try!

The Italian Carrot dog treats are always baked fresh when you order, cooled, sealed and shipped to your doorstep.  You can find them here, in three sizes!


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