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Oats N' Berries Bowl

The Oats N' Berries Bowl

Using our Sojo's Blueberry Citrus Crispers



1 Packet of unflavored, unsweetened quick oats, or about 1/2 cup if you scoop from a larger container.

1 Pinch of ground ginger

A few fresh blueberries

Three Sojo's Blueberry Citrus Crispers

1 Spoonful of pure pumpkin

Hot Water




1. Take the 1/2 cup of quick oats and boil hot water, make sure to boil enough that will get you the consistency you're looking for.  We use a little less which makes it a little thicker but your dog may prefer a more liquid consistency.  

 bowl of oatmeal for dog treats                             hot water for dog treat meal

2. After allowing the oatmeal to form to your desired consistency, take the pumpkin, blueberries and crispers.  Smear a dollop of pumpkin on top of the oatmeal, followed by blueberries.  

blueberry dog treats                  

3. We used one crisper for this tutorial, but we definitely love crushing one or two to make an oatmeal parfait!  The finishing touches include just a pinch of ground ginger over the oatmeal.  Make sure to not put too much on top it can be a little strong for some pups.   


AND THERE YOU GO!  ANOTHER DELICIOUS PUP PLATTER FOR YOUR DOG TO TRY!  Let us know how they go in the comments below! 




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