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Welcome Furry Fans!

Why HELLO furry fans (and their humans)!

I am so excited to announce this is the first post on the All Bark Boutique Blog.  We will start off with some of our history, agenda and why we do what we do!  

First off, my name is Emily and I am the co-owner and creator of all of our original gourmet dog treats.  This business is my baby (just like my two furbabies) and I believe the gourmet dog treats we offer and community of people who follow us, can make this entire concept fun and rewarding.  I created this business because I am OBSESSED with dogs and I have always loved to bake (human food that is).  I always tried to purchase treats for my dogs that were healthy, free of artificial preservatives and have real wholesome ingredients on the ingredients list.  Why did it always seem so difficult?  The reason I came up with was that those types of treats take longer to make, can cost more and they are a delicacy!  I thought to myself, all dogs deserve to have "treat time" be a TRUE TREAT. So I started a business! 

I registered as a business, obtained my feed license and read all about the regulations and health benefits of every food dogs can eat.  Questions like, "what helps their upset stomachs?  What makes their breath better?  What is good for their coats?  What foods provide a natural source of fiber and protein?"  Those are the questions I ask myself while sitting down to create the next flavor.  I could make every treat colorful and paint adorable patterns on them, but that was not my goal.  I wanted to make the everyday treat, something special and DELICIOUS.

To be able to give people a product for their dogs that is not available at the local store has been a whirlwind of fun.  Choosing fresh treats that are made up of fresh ingredients really show you truly care about your dog's eating habits and try to do the best you can to care for their little furry bodies. 

How do I make these ideas of treating dogs to a better snack?  Every order is made-to-order and shipped within the 48 hours of the order being placed.  The batches of treats are cooled, weighed, bagged and vacuum sealed to ensure quality and freshness right to your doorstep!  Once opened, they will stay fresh for weeks in your refrigerator.  I've been told many furry customers do not need WEEKS to eat them all!  

This is a gourmet dog treat company that also gives back to no-kill animal shelters by advocating for fundraising, adoption and responsible pet ownership.  We support GARD (Georgia Animal Rescue and Defence) out of Pembroke Georgia.  Check them out at GARDONLINE.ORG.  

Until next time!

Peace, love and paws,